Game changer.

Tap into new markets and grow your brand with a fully managed gift card program for the gaming industry. Take charge with our fully managed and hosted gift card program for gaming brands

Discover a simple and secure gift card management platform with Conductor, powered by epay.
Our fully managed and hosted platform offers a comprehensive digital toolset to streamline your customer’s gaming gift card experience. Launch, manage, and scale your program globally, reaching the retailers you need to build brand awareness, outpace the competition, and rapidly boost sales.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has successfully leveraged epay’s PIN code management and distribution expertise to build a solution providing 3rd party distributors and retailers access to a wide range of Sony PlayStation products. Our relationship and epay’s solution spans global markets providing a simple, secure, and reliable platform coupled with flexibility and functionality for expansion.

– Cindy De Guzman
Senior Director – Global Business Operations, Channel Digital Sales
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Maximise new sales opportunities.

Embrace the growing trend of prepaid gift cards for online gaming. Utilise our secure real-time payment network powered by epay and our partnership with all the major distributors to easily connect with every major retailer worldwide, secure complete market coverage, and reach your target audience for rapid growth.

Get ahead of the competition.

Take full advantage of the opportunities running a gift card program presents without building your own infrastructure or managing multiple technology integrations. With one integration to Conductor, you can access all markets and manage everything using our digital toolset. Enjoy complete control to launch new gaming products and make changes directly within our platform, reducing time to market and maximising sales.

Enhance business operations.

By having complete visibility of your gift card program internally you can make more strategic-led decisions, have greater control of finance and accounting, and enhance your customer’s gaming experience. Plus, our digital approach ensures your retailers have an endless supply of cards, enabling you to build trust and credibility quickly.

352,000 retail locations. One of the largest distributors of gift cards in the world.

Modular elements for easy management.

Take control of your gift card program to drive sales
and create lean, efficient operations

Conductor offers exclusive access to a suite of digital tools so you can easily manage your program and maintain control of your product life-cycle without the cost and complexity of managing your own infrastructure.

Product Set Up

Innovative Product Setup! Take complete control of your product offerings effortlessly and expand your market reach.

1. Easy Product Management: Experience seamless creation and management of products with Conductor’s user-friendly platform. Ensure secure access and protect valuable product data while retaining complete control over your offerings.

2. Simplified Retailer Distribution: Create and organize retailer distribution lists effortlessly. Save time and increase efficiency by reaching customers across multiple channels and markets with targeted and strategic distribution.

Asset Management

Efficiently manage and distribute assets with ease.

1. Hassle-Free Asset Upload and Distribution: Easily upload valuable assets and instantly distribute them across your network.

2. Empowering Channel Partners: Keep partners informed on the latest offerings, pricing, and features with real-time updates.

3. Direct Access to Approved Collateral Materials: Ensure consistent branding across all channels by giving partners direct access.

Pin Creation

Future of seamless PIN Creation and Distribution with Conductor!

1. Real-Time PIN Management: Transform your operations with our cutting-edge real-time PIN management system: experience instant updates, real-time inventory tracking, and on-demand PIN generation for swift customer service.

2. Never Run Out of PINs Again: Say goodbye to stockouts! Our automated system ensures a constant supply of PINs with intelligent algorithms monitoring inventory levels and generating new PINs as needed.

Card Issuing

Game-changing Issuing solution – fully outsource the process and unlock opportunities for your brand.

1. Hassle-Free Issuing: Eliminate complexities and administrative burdens by letting Conductor handle the entire issuing process. Our experts ensure a seamless and efficient experience.

2. Expert Legal and Global Compliance: Protect your brand and reputation by trusting Conductor to manage legal aspects, invoicing, and global terms while complying with regulations.

Real-Time Reporting

Where data is your most powerful asset, driving exponential growth for your business.

1. Tailor-Made Reports: Empower your business with customized reports covering sales performance, customer engagement, and marketing analytics. Schedule reports for timely insights delivered directly to your inbox.

2. Global Insights: Gain a unified view of your business worldwide. Real-time reporting provides critical data instantly, enabling swift and informed decision-making, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Grow sales. Save money. Simplify your gift card business.

Unmatched enterprise-
level infrastructure

Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology while we handle updates, patches, and maintenance.

Rely on our secure infrastructure without the need for building your own data centers, ensuring seamless business continuity.

Global reach for unprecedented market access

Access every market with ease as we connect you to retailers worldwide.

Leverage our extensive distribution network to reach growth audiences, even in locations where you lack a physical presence.

Technology-first approach

Save significant time and money by never waiting for a third party to get your job done. Need to add products in a hurry or launch to a new market? You can do it all from Conductor’s single interface at no extra cost.

Trusted experience and market understanding

Count on our expertise as you venture into new territories.

Our financial, compliance, and regulatory knowledge means we can support your business effortlessly regardless of the market changes to ensure future-proof success with no added complexity.