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Conductor, Powered by epay. A Euronet company.

epay by Euronet is a global leader in electronic payment solutions, offering a wide range of prepaid and payment processing services.

As part of the Euronet Worldwide family, a trusted provider of secure electronic financial transaction solutions, epay has established itself as a pioneering force in the digital payment industry. With a commitment to innovation, convenience, and reliability, epay serves businesses and consumers worldwide, facilitating seamless and secure transactions across borders.

Powered by epay.
Built on Euronet infrastructure

Euronet stands for more than 20 years of secure electronic financial transactions. Euronet serves as an important link between partners and consumers.

  • Founded in 1997, now with 4,300 employees
  • Euronet‘s EFT-Segment (Electronic Financial Transactions) has a network of 33,973 ATMs in 53 countries
  • 3.26 billion transactions/year (2016)
  • epay is Europe’s leading expert for epayment solutions
  • Retailer Network of 673,000 Points of Sale in 34 countries
  • 1.29 billion transactions/year (2016)
  • cadooz is one of the leading full-service provider in the field of gift certificates, non-monetary gift certificates and incentives in Europe
  • More than 3,000 business clients
  • Ria is the world’s third largest money transfer company
  • 317,000 money transfer locations in 147 countries
  • 82.3 million transactions/year (2016)

Brand Vision:

epay envisions a world where electronic payments are effortless and accessible to all, enabling individuals and businesses to connect, transact, and prosper across the globe.

Core Values 1: Inspiration.

We continuously seek and embrace cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative payment solutions that anticipate and address the evolving needs of our clients and consumers.

Core Values 2: Trust.

Trust is the foundation of our brand. We prioritize the security and confidentiality of all transactions, building lasting trust with our partners and customers.

Core Values 3: Convenience.

Our solutions are designed for ease of use, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for both businesses and consumers.

Core Values 4: Global Reach.

With a strong global presence, we facilitate cross-border transactions, connecting businesses and consumers across diverse markets.

epay is Europe’s leading full-service provider
for prepaid solutions and payment.


Market leader in the gift card segment


Full service provider

810 k


3.8 bn

epay transactions


countries epay is active in

We move money in all
the ways the world
depends upon.

10.4 bn transactions (2022)


ATMs installed worldwide


EFT POS terminals


Money transfer locations

4.0 bn

Bank deposit accounts in remittance network


POS occupied in prepaid processing network


Retail location installations


Countries and territories served


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Payment experts worldwide

A global presence

With a presence in multiple countries and partnerships with renowned brands, epay by Euronet has established itself as a leading global player in electronic payment solutions. Our network spans continents, connecting millions of users and businesses.