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How is Conductor different from competing products and services?

Conductor was created for customers who want to manage their own prepaid platform but don’t want to take on the additional costs and consume the internal resources needed to build the entire technology stack required.

The Conductor platform is different from competitors because of the availability of self-service tools, intuitive user interfaces, and enhanced reporting combined with the ability to self-administer the program at a high level of detail – all without the high overhead costs of insourcing the platform or fully outsourcing the service.

How does it work? (i.e., features and functionality)

Conductor uses a secure online platform and intuitive user interface to quickly create customized prepaid products including physical gift cards, digital PINs, and code to content and instantly provide them to distribution partners through real-time API integrations. Conductor’s processing systems provide access to real time account balances, transaction statuses, credit balances, and fraud alerts. Conductor also enables a connection to epay’s global network of physical and digital retailers (a separate distribution agreement with epay is required) as well as connection to the other two major content distributors.

How much does Conductor cost?

There is a transaction fee per code created that is based on your annual transaction volume. Contact an epay representative to discuss pricing that fits your business.

Once I get started, how do I pay epay for the Conductor services?

You will be invoiced monthly.

Working with Conductor

How much complexity is there in configuring the platform?

The user interfaces for tasks such as PIN creation, SKU set up, and asset management are intuitive and largely self-guided.

What distribution services are available?

As part of its distribution services, which are covered in a separate agreement, epay provides guidance on closed loop gift card issuance in both physical and digital form factors.

As part of its distribution services, which are covered in a separate agreement, epay will provide the appropriate templates and a best practice guide for each country where your cards will be distributed, including guidance on terms and conditions and validity of codes. If your company has regulatory concerns, epay provides a preferred third-party entity that can provide approval for these templates. epay has negotiated a preferential rate for such services as a fixed fee.

What print management services are available?

For physical gift cards, epay provides print management services that include the development of compliant card artwork, card production and personalization proofing.

Are there any countries that our company cannot distribute to?

Most “Western” countries have clear regulatory frameworks for closed loop gift card issuing and are straightforward from a tax perspective. These countries include the EU countries, UK, Australia, the US, Canada and Mexico. Some other countries, such as China, Brazil and India have more complex tax and trade structures. epay currently distributes prepaid content to these markets and can help guide you through establishing the proper structure.

What if I want to have epay act as my distributor for gift card and code distribution?

The technical processing agreement for Conductor is separate from the distribution agreement required. epay will provide a separate distribution agreement for its global retail distribution. Ask your epay sales representative for more details.

If I use Conductor, are there still some things in my prepaid program I will need to manage or track manually?

No. The system manages all the key functions of running a prepaid program via an ad-hoc and scheduled reporting dashboard that is organized by SKU, retailer, country, and type of promotion. The system provides a reconciliation statement for reporting, invoicing, and remittance.

If I distribute the codes/cards created in Conductor, is there a feed of information I can use to invoice third party distributors?

Yes. Conductor can export files of transaction data to enable invoice creation. Data files are supplied in standard formats.

Does the platform offer connectivity to prepaid product aggregators?

epay is a worldwide aggregator and distributor of prepaid content. Conductor also includes connection to two other major aggregators

Conductor and Security

What security requirements does Conductor have in place?

There are many but a key one is that PINs on epay’s servers are encrypted in flight and at rest. User access to the online platform uses 2-factor authentication. There are also security protocols around user rights management.

What is your fraud detection process? What fraud controls are there?

You can restrict distributors who access your content by SKUs or credit limits. You can set credit limits by SKU and by overall transaction value by day, week or month.


Who do I contact if I have a problem? What are the support options?

You will be assigned an epay account manager who can assist with most problems directly or can escalate any issue to our 24-hour support team if necessary.

What is your disaster recovery plan for the platform?

epay’s data center uses an active/active configuration that largely ensures full uptime. We have had no unplanned outages or downtime from scheduled maintenance for 7 consecutive years.

Next Steps

What SLA’s do you provide like uptime, response times, etc?

The SLA is a minimum of 99.9% uptime for epay’s web portals and processing services

Where is the Conductor platform hosted?

The platform is hosted in epay’s data centers in Germany.

Where can I learn more about this product?

Aside from the information on this site, we recommend you schedule a demo to get all your questions answered.

How do I get started?

Contact us and an epay representative will help you establish your account within just a few days. The primary epay contracting entity is epay’s German location in Munich. epay also has local entities in approximately 30 other global markets that can be used for markets with special regulatory considerations such as India and Brazil.

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