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Gift Card Set Up

Gift Card Set Up

Welcome to ePay's comprehensive guide on Gift Card Set Up. Uncover the strategies, insights, and tools for optimizing gift card programs to elevate your business success.

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A google gift card from gift card processors epay

The legal insights behind gift card expiry dates in the UK 

In the realm of retail, gift cards stand as versatile tokens of appreciation and practicality. However, one question often arises: why do these convenient cards come with an expiration date? Delving into the legal landscape of the United Kingdom provides clarity on this matter

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Gift card processing solutions for businesses

In today’s competitive market, implementing an effective gift card processing system can make all the difference in driving sales and enhancing customer loyalty. With our cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions, we address the pain points businesses face when managing gift card programs. From increasing revenue and ensuring security to providing actionable insights and seamless integration, …

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Maximising brand potential with closed loop gift cards and epay Conductor: a game-changing partnership 

In the competitive realm of retail, gift cards stand as a beacon of consumer engagement and brand reinforcement. When strategically wielded within a closed loop system, they become not just tokens of appreciation, but powerful tools for brand positioning and customer loyalty. Conductor, a groundbreaking gift card processing software powered by epay, emerges as the …

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Someone paying with a gift card

Empowering retail excellence: epay Conductor – your partner in gift card processing solutions 

In the dynamic landscape of retail, the backbone of successful gift card programs lies in the program that powers them. Enter Conductor, powered by epay: the robust and versatile gift card platform designed to empower retailers in launching and managing their gift card offerings. Exploring the advantages of partnering with epay Conductor unveils a world …

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A google gift card from gift card processors epay

Navigating closed loop gift card payment processing fees: a legal perspective 

In the world of professional gifting, gift cards have become a staple in corporate strategies. They offer businesses an effective way to incentivize customers, motivate employees, and boost sales. However, an often-overlooked aspect of gift cards is the processing fees associated with them. Are card processing fees legal, especially when it comes to closed-loop gift …

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Understanding license requirements for electronic vouchers

For a long time, vouchers have been a practical choice for both personal gifts and calculated commercial strategies.

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Navigating gift card processing: a deep dive into closed-loop systems

In the dynamic world of professional gifting, gift cards have risen as a versatile tool that empowers businesses to engage with their customers, motivate employees, and boost sales. But how does gift card processing work, especially within the closed-loop system, and what benefits does it bring to the brand offering them? In this in-depth exploration, …

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Closed Loop Gift Cards

Demystifying gift card processors: unlocking the power of gift card processing in a closed-loop system

In the world of professional gifting, gift cards have emerged as a versatile tool that offers businesses and brands an innovative way to boost customer loyalty, motivate employees, and increase sales. But what makes these gift cards such a powerful asset for businesses, and how do gift card processors play a pivotal role in their …

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